Public Limited Company

Public Limited Company

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The public limited company is a type of business structure where shares are sold to investors. These days, many businesses choose to operate as public limited companies so they can take advantage of certain tax benefits.

As a limited company, a plc shares the advantages of limited company with its private counterpart. But there are also specific features of a public limited company, many of which reinforce one another, that give it some unique advantages:


Benefits of Public Limited Company Registration

  • Many Finance Opportunities

    Banks and other financial institutions may be more willing to extend finance to a public limited company, particularly one that is listed.

  • Transparency

    As the company engages the public, it is legally required to publish financial reports & accounts, such as quarterly or annual statements.

  • Easily Raise Capital in a PLC

    It is easy to raise share capital, since it can sell its shares to the public. Therefore, anyone is able to invest their money in a public limited company

  • Steady Business Growth

    Public Limited Companies can adapt tech-driven techniques & expand their business rapidly with the accessibility to an adequate amount of capital.

  • High Growth and Expansion

    Pursuing new projects/markets, Make capital expenditure to support and enhance the business, Makeing acquisitions etc can be done easily.

  • Brand Position

    Brand Position is improved for Public Limited Companies. By listing shares in stock exchange it gains more popularity.

  • Separate Legal Entity

    The absence or movement of any shareholder in the company will not affect the existence of a public limited company.

  • Exit Strategy

    Going public can enhance the options for the founders to exit the business at some point in the future, if they wish to do so.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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- Minimum 3 directors and 7 shareholders.

- Company shall end with the word ‘limited’.

- No limitations on the maximum number of shareholders.

- Acceptance of deposit from the Public.

- Shares are freely transferable.

It takes a month or 2 months at max.