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A trade license is a document/certificate that authorizes whoever applied (person seeking to open shop) to enter into a particular trade or business in a particular area.

It ensured that trade or business is conducted in accordance with all safety standards stipulated by State Municipal Corporations. It ensured that residents were not exposed to any health hazards.

What profit do you get

Benefits of Trade License

  • Increased Credibility

    Customers can be assured that an organization holding a trade license adheres to the law and follows ethical business practices.

  • Motivate Investors

    Having a trade license ensures the authenticity and credibility of a business as it guarantees that the company maintains compliances.

  • Better Financial Aids

    A trade license acts as a substantial gateway that ensures the seamless inflow of financial aid, which in turn triggers the organization’s development.

  • Increased Goodwill in Market

    Entities with trade licenses have a high chance of focusing on their core competencies and garnering the targeted customer's trust.

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- Industries License: All kinds of factories, from small production facilities to large scale plant operations can have this license

- Shop License: Required for production of dangerous products such as firewood, fireworks, candles, and barber shops 

- Food Establishment License: Required to operate any type of business dealing with food, including restaurants, food stands, hotels, canteens, bakeries, and meat or vegetable stands. 

- The person must be above the age of 18 years.

- A person must not have any criminal record

- The business must be eligible for executing legal work