EPF Registration

EPF Registration

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The Employees’ Provident Fund assists employees with saving a small portion of their salaries for future needs. It is mandatory for every company to provide its employees with a retirement fund called the Employees Provident Fund (EPF). An employee’s provident fund is governed by the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. Organizations with a total employee strength over 20 are required to register with EPF

When is it appplicable?

Documents Required for EPF Registration

  • PAN card of establishment
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Aadhar card of Proprietor, Partner, or Director
  • Canceled Cheque Or Bank Statement
  • Digital Signature of the applicant
  • Hired / Lease / Rental Agreement
  • License Proof issued by the Identifier/Licensing Authority.
  • Shop and Establishment Certificate/GST Certificate/ any License issued by the government for the establishment.

Eligibility Criteria for EPF Registration

  • A factory with the total employee strength of 20 or more.
  • An establishment with more than 20 employees. In this case, the Central Government defines the class of such firms.
  • Establishments with fewer than 20 workers that have been notified of compulsory registration for not less than two months.
  • The Central PF Commissioner must receive mutual agreement from the employer and employee before PF may be applied for. From the date of the agreement, a notification must be sent to the Official Gazette.
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Benefits of ESI Registration

  • Pension Coverage

    Employees contribute to EPF through their pay, and their employers contribute an equal amount through Employee Pension Scheme (EPS).

  • Risk Coverage

    Provident Funds help the dependents of employees in times of sickness, demise or retirement by covering the financial risks they face as a result.

  • Single Account

    PF accounts can be transferred when changing jobs. An Aadhar-linked Universal Account Number (UAN) will serve as the platform for the linking of old accounts. They can be carried forward to the new employer instead of being closed.

  • Emergency Fund

    EPF amount can be of great help during mishaps, illnesses, weddings and educational expenses. Employee can claim the amount online.

  • Extended Goals

    The PF account can be extremely helpful for long-term goals like buying a property or setting up a fund for children.

  • Checking the EPF balance

    Registered member can get the details from Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) by calling to 011-22901406 from the registered mobile number. And EPFO balance, retirement benefits through SMS at 7738299899.

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Employees that draw less than Rs.15,000 per month need to get EPF registration mandatorily, and the employee drawing the Pay above the prescribed limit needs to get permission from the assistant PF commissioner to become a member.

It requires 20-25 days to obtain PF registration in India.