Fire License

Fire License

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Fire licenses or no-objection certificates are important documents issued by the Department of State Disaster and Fire Services to certify compliance with fire safety requirements.

The following are some of the scenarios when a fire license is required:

– Obtaining an occupancy certificate or a trade license from the state’s civic body requires a fire license.

– The Department of State disaster and fire services list the business and trading activities that require a fire license.

– A fire license is needed to verify that a building is fire resistant or unlikely to experience a fire related accident.


Benefits of Fire License

  • Safe Business

    If you run your business with an authorized fire license, the government will provide safety and security measures.

  • Ensures Safety Precautions In Premise

    Fire Department NOC ensures that safety precautions are in place to protect the people in the building against any risk.


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Fire safety compliance is required for all working premises to ensure proper submissions related to fire safety compliance is followed.

NOC will be valid for a period of;

- Three years for commercial buildings and,

- Five years for any residential building or premise.