Legal Heir Certificate

Legal Heir Certificate

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Legal heir certificate, also known as Succession Certificate, is a document issued by the Government to determine who is entitled to an asset or property in the event of a sudden death of the registered owner. An applicant may use this certificate to verify whether he/she is related to someone who has died in order to claim insurance, retirement, pension, and other benefits from federal and state government agencies.

Why is it important?

Upon the death of a family head, the legal heir certificate will be used to name the next legal heir. This could be the wife, husband, son or daughter of the deceased or the mother of the deceased. Pension claims are filed with the certificate if the deceased was a government employee. When there are multiple legal heirs, individual deeds of conveyance should be provided by each of them. Certificates are valid forever.

Details Required when Applying for Certificate

Name of the deceased, details of the Family Members, date of application, Address, Applicant’s signature are required.

Documents Required for EPF Registration

  • Signed application form.
  • Identity/address proof of the applicant.
  • Death certificate of the deceased.
  • Date of birth proof of all legal heirs.
  • A self-undertaking affidavit.
  • Address proof of the deceased.

Eligibility Criteria for Legal Heir Certificate

– Wife of the deceased

– Son or daughter of the deceased

– Father or mother of the deceased

– Sibling of the deceased

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Yes. You can apply for a legal heir certificate online. You can fill out the form for obtaining a legal heir certificate on the e-portal of your respective district and attach the required documents. You must pay the fees online while submitting the form. The certificate can be downloaded from the e-portal when it is ready.

It may take around 15 days to 30 days to get a legal heir certificate.