Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company

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A private limited company is a LLC whose shares are held by less than 50 people and are not publicly available. Private limited companies can be formed with a minimum of two members and a maximum of fifty.

A private limited company has limited liability to its creditors, and banks and creditors can only sell assets of a company in case of default. Directors cannot be forced to sell their personal assets by the creditors. Ensure that the company you start in India is registered

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Benefits of a Private Limited Registration

  • Separate Legal Entity

    A Private Limited company has its own identity as an entity and is independent of its members or people who control it.

  • Limited Liability Protection

    During crisis the owners are only liable for the debt to the value of the money they have invested in the business.

  • Better Image & Credibility

    Customers, vendors, and Govt agencies prefer to work with a Private Limited Company rather than a proprietorship or a regular partnership.

  • Easy to raise funds & loans

    Private companies have easy access to capital through bank loans, angel investors, venture capitalists, as compared to LLPs and OPCs.

  • Uninterrupted Existence

    Until a company is legally dissolved, it has perpetual succession, which means it continues uninterruptedly until it is dissolved.

  • Dual Relationship

    A person can be in charge of a company and also be employed by it. Hence, he/she can be a shareholder, creditor, director, and an employee.

  • Fund Raising

    In India, only Private Limited Companies can raise funds from Venture Capitalists or Angel investors except for Public Limited Companies.

  • FDI Allowed

    100% Foreign Direct Investment is allowed in a Private Limited Company which makes it more popular among the other proprietorships.

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