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Explore more about IEC (Import Export Code) Registration

An import export code is a unique 10-digit code that is required for every business owner in India who imports or exports goods. It is issued by the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce, and does not require filing or renewal.

IEC is required by importers to clear customs and shipment, and to transfer money to foreign banks. Exporters require their IEC to send shipments and receive money from foreign banks.


Benefits of IEC Registration

  • Easy Expansion of Business

    Having any IEC code license will help you expand your business reach globally & will help you spread your presence to customers around the world.

  • Scheme Benefits

    Based on IEC registration, nowadays, businesses can enjoy and avail benefits provided by the EPC (Export Promotion Council), DGFT, and Customs.

  • No Returns Filing

    IEC does not require the filing of return. There is no need to prove the legitimacy of an IEC Code once it has been assigned.

  • Hassle-Free Processing

    Obtaining a IEC from DGFT is very easily. It generally takes 10-15 days from the date and time of application.

  • Lifetime Registration

    Once an individual is applied and got their IEC code, he/she need not renewal or register again for it, as it is a one time registration valid for lifetime.

  • Authorised by Government

    IEC is considered as a identity of Government issued by DGFT, hence showing customs authority at the time of shipment clearance will do.

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Any person or business type who intends to import or export goods and services from or to India must require an Import Exports Code

It takes a week from the date and time of application for Import Export Code.

- PAN Card, Passport, Voter ID, or Aadhar Card of the applicant

- Cancelled Cheque of the Current Bank Account

- Rent Agreement for Address Proof

- Copy of the Utility Bill in the form of the electricity bill for premises.