ESI Registration

ESI Registration

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The Employee State Insurance (ESI) scheme was introduced by the Government of India in order to provide workers with medical, monetary, and other benefits. Under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Employee State Insurance Corporation manages ESI.
ESI is mandated by law for all companies having more than 10 employees. The number of employees is as high as 20 in some states. Insurance is deducted from the pay of employees earning more than Rs. 21,000 per month, including basic salaries and dearness allowances.

Entities Covered under ESI Registration

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Eligibility Criteria for ESI Registration

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Benefits of ESI Registration

  • Medical Aid

    Registered ESI members and their families receive comprehensive medical coverage and care from the first day of employment.

  • Disablement Benefits

    As long as the temporary disability continues, 90% of the wage is payable. A monthly benefit of 90% of the wage is payable in case of permanent disability.

  • Confinement Expenses

    Confinement expenses can be reclaimed in the event of confinement of an insured woman or wife of the employee without access to medical care.

  • Funeral Expenses

    The family members of the deceased employees are entitled to an additional amount of Rs.10,000 for the funeral expenses.

  • Old Age Medical Care

    By the annual payment of Rs.120 medical care benefits can be availed for the ESI employees or for those who are opting for VRS/ERS.

  • Sickness Benefits

    Absence from work during illness can be taken for a maximum of 91 days per year along with 70% of the monthly wages.

  • Dependent Benefits

    If there is a sudden demise of an employee during the employment, the dependents of the employee will receive 90% of his/her monthly salary.

  • Maternity Aid

    Pregnant women are entitled to maternity benefits that are payable upto twenty-six weeks. This period can be extended by 30 days on medical advice.

  • Physical Rehabilitation

    Can be availed by the employees in case of physical disablement or injury or hazards due to employment.

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

    Permanently physically challenged employees who are insured are entitled to vocational rehabilitation training at VRS.

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To recognize each employee, the ESI scheme allots a unique identification number to every worker. This number is called the insurance number and is used for all operational purposes.

The law of India states that it is mandatory for every employee to register within ESI. It is considered a statutory responsibility. A factory or establishment has to apply for the scheme within 15 days from the date it becomes eligible.