Sole Proprietorship

Sole Proprietorship

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A Sole proprietorship is a business which is owned, managed and controlled by a single person. It is one of the most common form of business in India, utilized by small businesses operating in the unorganized sectors.

Sole Proprietorship doesn’t allow outsiders to intervene in the business proceeding or any other aspects unless the owner wishes them to do so.

What Profit do you get

Benefits of Sole Proprietorship

  • Fairly Easy To Establish

    There is no need to undergo a registration process. Only a license/registration to run a business legally as a Sole Proprietor is required.

  • Ensures No Profit Distribution

    The sole proprietors serve as the sole owner of their business and rejoice in uncompromised control over their profit.

  • Seamless Decision Making

    Sole Proprietorship offers complete authority to the owner to take any decision regarding business affairs without the intervention of anyone else.

  • Attract Lower Taxes

    Tax authority doesn't treat Sole Proprietorship and Sole proprietor differently. Therefore, they do not need to address separate tax liabilities.

  • Seek Minimal Investment

    Business structures like a Private Limited company, OPC seeks high expenditure in terms of capital, which is nil in the case of the Sole Proprietorship.

  • Adheres To Minimal Compliances

    The Sole Proprietorship business model doesn't come under the ambit of any specific law. Hence, it is free to operate without tedious compliances.

  • Straight-forward Banking

    As a sole proprietorship, you can make and accept business payments straight from your own personal bank accounts.

  • Simplified Business Ownership

    In Sole Proprietorship, components included in an LLC or corporation do not have any significance. Owner is solely responsible for every decision.

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