Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

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A trademark is a visual symbol that distinguishes goods and services originating from one undertaking from those from a different undertaking. This may be a word, signature, name, device, label, numerals, or combination of colours.


Benefits of Trademark Registration

  • Intellectual Property Protection

    In trademark registration, the company's name or registered logo are protected from being misused or copied.

  • Powerful Deterrent

    Having a trademark makes the brand public, alerting others and eliminating the defence of innocent infringement.

  • Legal Remedies

    The owner of a trademark registered in India can recover triple damages from the offender. They are presumed to be the rightful owners.

  • Product Differentiation

    Trademark registrations are unique to the goods & services they represent. Therefore, customers can identify your product by its mark.

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A trademark can be registered for any word, name, device, label, numeral, or a combination of colors that can be represented graphically.

Trademark registrations are valid for 10 years from the date of filing. A trademark owner can file a renewal application to maintain protection before the mark's validity expires.